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Bike Holidays - exclusive bike tours

Full service bike holidays

If it is not in your nature to compete directly with the number attached to the steering wheel. If you are no longer enjoying timing, starting, finishing and intensive driving. Finally, if you like to explore, you'll be able to travel the next kilometers in a loose leg in an "advanced chill'out", accompanied by similar connoisseurs of mountain trails - check out the Bike Holidays proposition. Encourage your colleagues, friends, a group from work - come to us, and we will propose and implement a decent and interesting trip in consultation with you along the excellent mountain trails of the Sudetes or Beskids. We serve participants at different levels of cycling initiation, both those with a "strong leg" and those who consider riding as a typical "recreation to tiredness".

Transfer / kontakt

We operate in the regions of southern Poland. Our base in the Beskidy is Istebna (a unique town at the crossroads of three borders), in the Sudety- Stronie Śląskie or Karpacz. Of course, we can help you organize the transfer to your destination (and back) and support you in your travels from even the farthest corners of the world. We have a lot of experience in this.
All information about Bike Holidays can be found in our e-mail correspondence ( or by using Messenger.


Accommodation and meals of the group - here we cooperate only with proven hotels and/or guesthouses, with which we have been operating for more than 10 years. We have almost 100% guarantee of the quality of rest, proper quality of meals and experienced service - and all this has been repeatedly verified during the organization of the oldest Polish stage MTB events.

The programme

To fully feel the "call of the cycling nature", to regenerate the mind, raise the level of riding technique and not forgetting the appropriate regeneration we suggest "TRIPS" lasting from 5 to 7 days. Depending on your requirements, in addition to the ride itself (which of course is the basis), we can offer additional attractions, such as sightseeing the largest in the country, Bear Cave, visit to the Czech Rock City, or exploration of underground corridors of the Osówka complex in Gluszyca. As part of the regeneration, in addition to decent meals, proven accommodation, we offer professional, putting on his feet after cycling hardships - sports massages. The whole "holiday" as a souvenir is documented on photos taken by BikeLife.

Proposed routes

The routes are adjusted to the requirements of the group, its level and its possibilities. As a rule, after the first day of driving we are able to determine the composition of individual "subgroups" - all in order to get as much out of the terrain as possible, to enjoy the ride, the every moment of it. The area on which we operate we have very carefully covered, constantly verified. Beskid Śląski and Beskid Żywiecki - we have been operating here for a decade and a half, we create and still organize the Strefa MTB Trophy event. Sudetes - in this case we operate from Stronie Śląskie (east) through the Owl Mountains to Szklarska Poręba and Świeradów (west) - we have been here since 2001, organizing historical editions of the MTB Marathon series and the oldest Polish stage of MTB - the Sudety MTB Challenge. Person responsible for the whole project, not by chance, for over 30 years "combined with a cycling saddle" - Grzegorz Golonko.
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