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New date of the event: August 20-22, 2021

Due to the government restrictions in place, including the ban on organizing any sporting events, the closure of hotels and gastronomy, and therefore the inability to organize the Mouflon Tracks Event as planned, we have been forced to postpone this MTB stage race until August 20–21, 2021. Based on the experience from the previous year, we have approached the next season with humility, believing that it would be possible to return to “relative normality”. As for now, we are well prepared to organize the race in the required regime, strictly following all sanitary requirements. However, we are well aware that the epidemic situation is difficult and we cannot deny the reality of the last few days, weeks and months in any way. All of us see what is going on in the world and are able to evaluate the present situation. Policymakers are not allowing us to organize events for amateurs or enthusiasts of outdoor activities. We will not make “professionals” out of you by force, by suggesting that you buy professional licenses in order to circumvent these rather unfortunate provisions of the regulations, and so organize the event “through the back door”. There are too many issues and situations that are beyond our control.

We truly understand that the new date of the race may not be convenient for all. If you cannot take part in the race on the new date, this is what we propose (decision by May 31, 2021):
- transfer the registration fee to the next race in May 2022;
- transfer the registration fee to another person able to take part in this year’s race, i.e. 20–22.08.2021 (the fee would be transferred free of charge);
- transfer the registration fee to one of our other races, i.e. Sudety MTB Challenge or Beskidy MTB Trophy;
- request a refund of the registration fee.

If You do not decide on the above suggestions by May 31, we will automatically transfer the registration fee on 20–22.08.2021 (the fee would be transferred free of charge).

We are committed to continuing the Mouflon Tracks.
We very much hope to meet you on MTB race routes soon, in good health and an even better condition.
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