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Physical preparation

Each participant in the event should be adequately prepared for the competition, with particular emphasis on general physical fitness supported by typical cycling strength and endurance. A competitor taking part in Mouflon Tracks must be aware that from 24 to 26 of May he will spend several hours a day on the „saddle”, riding from about 30 to 50 km depending on the chose distance, with the uphills ranging from 800 to 1100 m at the stage. Some climbs and descents will require greater commitment and concentration from the participant, all in order to overcome different quality routes (single trail, gravel road or hiking trail) at a certain pace and comfort. After-workout regeneration e.g. sports massage, stretching, rolling will be highly advisable and recommended.

Which bike is suitable for "Mouflon Tracks"?

This question is probably asked by everyone who wants to face a real mountain stage. "Mouflon Tracks is a specific event that does not favour one type of bike. Probably an enduro machine is too much for these routes. Specific, smooth, single-track routes will make the lightweight trail bike, full XC or even hardtail work perfectly here. As usual, adjustable saddlepole will not hurt, but just on the local routes will not be indispensable.

Technical skills

The "Mouflon Tracks" was created for people who start their adventure with stage races. The level of difficulty of the tracks, their length and the number of elevations make it possible to think about completing this stage race even for those who have recently raced a mountain bike. Despite this, we are realizing the assumptions about the specific character of the "Mouflon Tracks" routes. Finally, they will make even a pro MTB cyclist fully satisfied after defeating them.

Enjoy the ride

Riding in the company of people like you will surely be a very special feeling. Everyone around you will live together for three days on the bike, on the road, at the start, finish, during meals and before bedtime. The atmosphere during stage races cannot „be faked" and only those who have tried this type of race once know that mountain biking and stage races are addictive.
"Wise people" claim that the endorphins, hormones of happiness, which are released by physical activity, are responsible for all this positive cycling excitement. This substance not only improves mood, but also relieves pain and stress. People addicted to stage races can therefore be indirectly addicted to the positive influence of endorphins.

Singletracks Glacensis

The location of the base of the event is located in Stronie Śląskie. You can easily get there via A4 motorway and national road no. 8. The location makes it easy to get there even from the other end of the world. Efficient access by motorways and national roads from international airports in Wroclaw (100km), Prague (200km), Dresden (350km) and Warsaw (450km) will facilitate travel from afar. Of course, we can help you organize the transfer from the airport to Stronie Śląskie (and back) and support you in your journey from even the farthest corners of the world. We have a lot of experience in this. The base of the event will be located in a place known in the bicycle world as southern Poland. It is here that for over 15 years the oldest Polish MTB stage race - the Sudety MTB Challenge - has been taking place. The surrounding mountains are also excellent places for other types of cycling and the Czarna Góra centre with its excellent routes prepared for fans of gravitational MTB leads the way.
Singletrack Glacensis is the largest singletrack network in Europe, routes lead through the eastern wall of the Kłodzko Valley (Glacensis is its Latin name), from the very north (Silver Mountain / Bardo), to the very south (Black Mountain / Międzygórze), on the way hooking up with among others the Golden Slope and Ladder of Health. Mouflon Tracks will partially use the routes of the above mentioned network, and the best one you can see in the TRASEO service.
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