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The start at Mouflon Tracks gives you a unique opportunity to experience a cycling adventure in an amazing scenery right from the start of the cycling season! You will test your leg on long and challenging uphills, show off your technique on crazy, winding downhills, you will be enchanted and you will feel a 100% flow on one of the many singles waiting for you at every stage.


Are you not interested in fighting for the highest places? If not stop for a moment (e.g. at the Snow Mountain Hostel), order dumplings with blueberries and enjoy the breathtaking views. Believe it or not, it is worth it, and our time limit is " reasonable " enough to be able to afford such a moment of oblivion. 


The Sudety are a great region for mountain biking, and we squeeze out the best from it. The Singletrack Glacensis system trails led by Mouflon Tracks have been seducing mountain bikers from all over the world for years, who take part in the oldest Polish stage, continuously organized since 2005. Some of them travel thousands of kilometers every year to take part in this unique event once again.  Foreign travels and starts in distant corners of the world are certainly attractive, but sometimes it is worth to look around and see that the quality is at your fingertips. All the more so because we know (from experience and opinions of experienced marathoners) that the Sudety Mountains really beat many western competitors on their heads.


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